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Second American Civil War
Part of the Second World War
Date 29 December 1942 - 9 September 1947
Location United States of America
Result Secessionist Alliance Victory
  • The Texas and Florida gain independence
  • The Pacific Northwest and part of northern California fell under Russian control
  • California fall under Californian, Japanese, and Chinese control
  • The Pacific Northwest is occupied by Russia
  • Hawai'i and US colonies in the Pacific fell under Japanese control
  • Remainder of United States splits into the Union of American States and Plains Union
  • New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts fall under Italian control
  • The Northeast is occupied by France
  • War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Empire of Japan
  • Flag of Mexico United Mexican States
  • Flag of the Russian Imperial Republic Empire of Russia
  • Flag of France Second French Republic
  • Flag of Italy Empire of Italy

Secessionist Alliance

  • Flag of California (Land of Empires) California Republic
  • Flag of Texas Republic of Texas
  • FloridaFlagUCA Republic of Florida
  • United States of America (1942-1945)
  • Union of American States Flag Proposal (Land of Empires) Union of American States (1945-1947)

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