The Secession of the UAAD was the event that started the Union of Antirm, Armagh and Down the Orange Order Movement began seizing important positions on councils in these areas and in government from 1965-1969.

The secession began when Arnold Haughey read out to the Dail that due to economic growth and a strong independence movement the UAAD was to be formed. This was highly controversial and was taken as a joke but soon voilence broke out in the claimed area beetween Anti-Secessionists and Pro-Secessionists.

The Border War soon broke out and the UAAD had to fight off the might of the Irish Army. The war was slow as the Government of Ireland did not want to cause serious casualties of civilians if they bombed the North. Ian Paisely who was President of the UAAD said he will continue to fight for the freedom of the Northern People.

The secession stopped when Belfast was heavily bombed and a surrender was signed and the UAAD dissolved and rejoined the Republic in 1973.

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