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Principality of Seborga
Principato di Seborga
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Seborga, Taggia, Ceriana, San Remo, Riva Ligure, Castellaro and Ospedaletti
Seborga-flag Coat of Arms of the Principality of Seborga
Flag of Seborga Coat of Arms of Seborga
Map of Seborga 1983 DD
Location of Seborga (In yellow)

Sub Umbra Sedi (Italian)
("I sat in the Shade")

Anthem "La Speranza (The hope)"
(and largest city)
San Remo
Other cities Seborga, Taggia and Ospedaletti
  others Ligure
  others Judaism
Ethnic Group Italian
Demonym Seborgan
Government Parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
  legislature Council of Seborga
Prince Marcello I of Seborga
  Royal house: Menegatto
Seneschal Remo Ferrari
Area 139,4 km²
Population 130.000 
Established 954 (Traditional)

1983 (Declared)

Independence from Italy
  declared September 27th, 1983
Currency Luigino (£)
Time Zone + 1

The Principality of Seborga (Principato di Seborga) is a microstate in Italy, entirely surrounded on the north by Monaco. From independence it grew but it's still a microstate and it's located on the ex-former communes of Seborga, Taggia, Ceriana, Ospedaletti and San Remo. 



Before Doomsday Seborga was only a tiny unrecognized micronation. The Principality claimed it wasn't ever sold by their prince in 1729, and that contract was never registered. In 1961 Giorgio Carbone was elected by the citizens of Seborga as Giorgio I, Prince of Seborga. The Principality was never recognized by the Kingdom of Italy or by the Italian Republic. 


When Doomsday occurred the Prince of Seborga didn't know what was happening. The province of Imperia wasn't hit by the nuclear bombs. but they suffered from the nuclear fallout and for the refugees. The September 27th, 1983, in the Palace of the Monks "Palazzo dei Monaci" the Principality declared his independence from Italy and it declared itself as a sovereign and independent nation.

The Council of Seborga was put under the control of the state agriculture, for it didn't have famine. The Council has also incorporated many Italian military in the Seborgan Defence Forces. In 1984 the Council of Seborga approved the new constitution of the state, the General Statute.
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The prince Giorgio I of Seborga at San Remo in the 2000.

In 1985 they also started to make expeditions to control the ex-commune of Ospedaletti, for have a dock and for grown his borders. The 10 April of the 1985 after some fight with raiders and bandits, with the help of the local station of the Carabinieri the ex-commune was annex at the Principality with a plebiscite.

In 1987 they have also taken the ex-communes of San Remo, Taggia and Ceriana. San Remo was the most greatest commune for population of the province before Doomsday. The Principality has spent a month to control all the communes. They have also incorporated any Carabiniere and Italian policeman of San Remo, Taggia and Ceriana into the Seborgan Police. They also have incorporated any Italian Military in the Seborgan Defence Forces.

In 1987 Seborga have made contact with the Kingdom of Monaco, the kingdom have open a embassy in Seborga. From Monaco the Seborgan have discovered of what remain of France and of the province of Imperia 

In 1990 a Genoese military ship made contact with the Principality, the military squad was received by the prince and they told about the Alpine Confederation and about the imperialism of Sicily.  

New Millennium

The new millennium has brought prosperity and knowledge of the new nations of the world. The principality have been grown of population and it have improve the economy.
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Prince Marcello I of Seborga, elected by the Council of Seborga in the 2010, after the death of Giorgio I.

When the Second Sicily War began the Seborgan Defence Forces had 1000 military, divided info the Seborgan Defence Army and the Seborgan Defence Navy. The Council of Seborga has inserted conscription for adult males between 18 years and 40 years of age, bring at 15,000 military in the Seborgan Defence Forces. The Principality have join at the Italian Peninsula Alliance. When the war ended a peacekeeper force of 50 Seborgan military was send in New Rome for helped and training the local police.  


A WCRB and LoN team was received by the prince for visit Seborga for a week, they gave congratulations for the excellent work of the principality. Here the LoN and the WCRB have officially recognized Seborga as a sovereign and independent state.

In the 2010 the Principality has joined the League of Nations and the price was received by a team of the World Census and Reclamation Bureau. They have noted the principality is a stronger economic nation and with a good healthcare system. They also noted the hospitality of the principality at Italian and Sicilian refugees who has fled from Sicily

The 25 April of 2010 Marcello Menegatti was elected prince Marcello I by the Council of Seborga, after the death of Prince Giorgio I from a disease. 

The new prince has modernize and expanded the economy and it has started to make relations with the Corsica. The prince it have interesting in joined at the Atlantic Defense Community, for decide this it will be make a referendum the 1st April of 2016. 


According to Article 1 of the General Statutes (The constitution of the Principality), adopted April 23, 1984, "The Principality of Seborga is a Free and Sovereign, governed by democratic norms". The form of government is a parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy. 

The head of state is the Prince, who is elected by the people. It remains in office until death or abdication. The Council of Seborga, is the unicameral parliament of Seborga. It is headed by a seneschal and consists of 50 members, elected by Seborgans. The prince can be appointed the Seneschal.

The Council of Seborga hold the legislative power is called to approve the laws, changes to the General Statutes, the Regulations and the budget of the Principality, for the approval of the General Statutes, the laws, regulations and international conventions. The current Seneschal is Remo Ferrari.

In case of vacancy of the Prince, is the Seneschal who entrusted the temporary government of the Principality, as well as art. 31 of the Regulations. It can also be consulted by the Prince on international relations. 

The Prince and the Seneschal can also appointed the Council of the principality, the cabinet of the principality hold the executive power. Is consist by 10 members, the Seneschal, five elected by the Council of Seborga and five appointed by the Prince and by the Seneschal. They have a mandate of five years, and they can reelected only for two terms.  

Political parties of the Council of Seborga 

Council of Seborga

The Council of Seborga in the 2012.

  • Seborgan Monarchist Party (Partito monarchico Seborghino) : 30/50
  • Socialist Party (Partito Socialista) : 10/50 
  • United for Seborga (Uniti per Seborga) : 5/50
  • Seborgan Social Moviment (Movimento Sociale Seborghino) : 5/50


The currency of Seboga is the Luigino (£).In terms of foreign exchange one Luigino is worth five ANZC dollars. 

Key industries of the principality include banking service, fishing, naval industry, education, healthcare, communications, transport, electronics, tourism and ceramics. The main agricultural products are wine, cheese and wheat.

The education, healthcare, television communications, transport, energy industry and culture are under control of the Principality.

The main economic partners of Seborga are Monaco, CorsicaGenoaTuscany and the Alpine Confederation


The main television service of the Principality is Seborga TV, which is under the control of the state. Seborga TV has three channels for now. The studios of Seborga TV are located in San Remo. They used the previous machinery and the offices of the ex-studios of the RAI.  

The new logo of the Seborga TV, adopted in the 2010.

  • Seborga TV 1 (Generalist)
  • Seborga TV 2 (Generalist : Targeted at a young audience)
  • Seborga TV 3 (Generalist : Tuned to sports, documentaries and deepening

Seborga can also receive the signals of the television and radio of the Alpine ConfederationGenoaMonaco and Tuscany. Seborga TV can be also broadcast its signal in Monaco and Genoa

Seborga also has a radio service, Radio Seborga, which is under control of the state. Radio Seborga can also broadcast its signal in Monaco and in Genoa. There are also some private radio stations in the state. 

The main newspaper of the principality is the Gazzetta of Seborga which is under private control, and it has a basis daily. 

Administrative regions

Seborga is divided into the following five municipalities, known locally as Contea (meaning "county").

  • Seborga
  • San Remo
  • Ospedaletti
  • Taggia
  • Ceriana

Each county is administrated by a prefect, elected by the citizens of each country for seven years. The chief magistrate of a commune is a mayor, elected by the citizens of a city or in special case nominated by a prefect. He is assisted by a Municipal Consul, composed of five councilors named by the Mayor.

Defence Forces

The Seborgan Defence Forces (It: Forze di Difesa Seborghine) are the armed forces of the Principality of Seborga. The Principality doesn't have an air force, but only two air corps - one in the army and one in the navy. 

Military at lunch

A group of Seborgan Military in the Italian Wasteland.

The branches are : 

  • Seborgan Defence Army (Esercito di Difesa Seborghino) with 10,000 military
  • Seborgan Defence Navy (Marina di Difesa Seborghina) with 5000 military 

Equipment of the SDF :

  • Beretta 92 as standard sidearm 
  • Beretta BM59 as standard service rifle
  • MG 42/59 as standard squad GPMG
  • Carcano M91, Carabine M1, MAB-38 and M1 Garand as secondary main rifles and as ceremonial rifles
  • L96 as standard sniper rifle
  • SPAS-12 as standard shotgun rifle
  • Beretta PM12 and Franchi LF-57 as standard SMG

Vehicles of the SDF :

  • VCC-1 "Camillino" as standard APC
  • Iveco VM-90 as standard multirole military vehicle
  • FIAT Ducato as standard ambulance

Air Fleet of the SDA and of the SDN :

  • FIAT G91 five in total
  • Aleina G222 four in total
  • AB-47 ten in total
  • Agusta-Bell AB204B ten in total

Fleet of the SDN:

  • Ship of minor size

Internal Security 

13795290284 56a4712d2a q

A Seborgan policeman at the borders of state with Monaco in the 2005.

The Seborgan Police (Polizia di Seborga) as the public security authorities, as well as ensure public order and to ensure maintenance of public safety, provides relief to public and private entities in the event of accidents, and the peaceful resolution of disputes between private individuals. The Seborgan Police havs 1000 policeman. They are equipped with Beretta 92, swords and in special cases, with the Beretta BM-12.

International Relations

The Principality has relations with Monaco, Corsica, Genoa, Tuscany, Alpine Confederation. Is also a member of the League of Nations and of the Italian Peninsula Alliance.

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