Sebastian Hanan
Timeline: Caesar of Rome

Portrait of Sebastian Hanan

Sapa Inca of Tahuatinsuyu
1534 – 1552

Predecessor Ninan Cuyochi
Successor TBD
Born 1503
Banner of the Inca Empire Huascarpata, Tahuatinsuyu
Died 9 June 1552
Banner of the Inca Empire Cusco, Tahuatinsuyu
Religion Roman Catholicism

Sebastian Emmanuel Hanan (1503 – 9 June 1552), born Huáscar Inca (Quechua: Waskar Inka), also known as Huáscar the Christian, was Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire from 1534 to 1552. He succeeded his older brother Ninan Cuyochi.

During the conflicts with the Spanish Crown, Sebastian was kidnapped by conquistadors, and later converted to Roman Catholicism. He was the first person and monarch to convert to Christianity in Antillia. Over the course of his reign, Sebastian made peace with the Spanish, becoming subjugate to Spanish laws, but still remaining a united empire. He is remembered for his reforms, abolishing human sacrifice, improving infrastructure, and becoming a catalyst for the spread of Christianity in the empire.

Early Life


Regnal titles
Preceded by:
Ninan Cuyochi
Sapa Inca of Tahuatinsuyu
Succeeded by: