August 17th, 1975. The Canadians had grown tired of American aggression. The Americans had been pressuring the land of the north to join the USA since the end of the war of 1812. The Canadians were trying as hard as they could to stay independent, but now they were full of rage. The thriving city of Seattle was the perfect target. It was a port city with a vast economy. Right across the border was the bustling city of Vancouver, a place of the same nature.

The Canadian Royal Air Force (CRAF) quickly rounded up around a hundred fighter jets and stationed them to fly across the border and bomb the city of Seattle and cripple it. The Americans had no idea of this attack and the citizens of Seattle went on their normal lives.

3 PM, August 17th, 1975. The planes had crossed the border and were entering American airspace. They aimed first for the city's harbor, for that was the imperative of the operation. Then they targeted downtown, and finally the surrounding suburbs. Harold Wisely was in his office in the Space Needle when the planes flew past and did a bombing run on it:

"A couple of bombs hit the tower. I was told to stay put. They gave us parachutes and the security guards cracked open a window and motioned us to jump. I had no choice."

Shortly after Harold Parachuted to the ground, the Space Needle fell.

The American military arrived two hours later to arrive to a destroyed Seattle. Hundreds of skyscrapers and buildings were damaged or completely destroyed. The harbor looked as if it was never there, only smoke arose from it. The suburbs were crippled, there was a ten mile radius of damage.

Over 23,000 People died in the attacks.

Later that evening, President Gerald Ford addressed Congress and asked them to declare war on Canada, which was met by an astounding yes.

From the voting records, over 93 percent of Congress voted for war.

And thus the quest for revenge began.

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