Sears (NYSE:SR&C), officially Sears, Roebuck and Co. is an American multinational department store retailer based out of Chicago, Illinois that boasts an annual revenue of over $200 billion and holds the status of the world's largest retailer – and the third-largest corporation in the world, behind only UGI and Bank One Corp., respectively. The famous Sears Catalog is widely viewed as a symbol of early/mid 20th century America, a symbol that continues strong to this day; most unique was the 1907 introduction of the Modern Homes catalog, whereby Americans could literally buy a mail-order house, complete with blueprints and buildings materials for either personal assembly, or for a few hundred dollars extra (an extra $1,000 minimum today), a crew of workers hired by Sears would build it. Today, these homes are sold largely through the Modern/Classic Homes online or paper-form catalog, which offers a rather large selection of both modern and classic (pre-1960s) 'Honor Bilt' home designs. Chicago's famous Sears Tower – once the tallest building in the world from 1973 until the completion of the Chicago Skyneedle in 1993 – houses a vast majority of Sears' corporate offices and serves as the company's global headquarters. The Tower's construction, which began in 1971, was entirely funded by Sears.

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