Former Scottish dictator Sean Connery

Thomas Sean Connery (born 25 August 1930) was a Scottish general and military dictator, serving as President-for-Life of Scotland from 1976 until his ouster in the 1997 Scottish Conflict. Prior to the Presidency, he was an infantry captain who fought and was wounded twice in the Yorkshire Wars, and later rose in the ranks of the Scottish Royal Army in the 1960's, becoming a Colonel in 1970 during the Scottish Civil War. With the "Loyal Nine," Connery became the face of the military junta that ruled Scotland for twenty years, being given the rank of General in 1976 shortly before the coup d'etat so that he would not be outranked.

In power, Connery regularly executed his political enemies, is regarded as responsible for the stagnation and poverty in Scotland, especially the acute famines in 1993 and 1994, took foreign nationals hostage to extort political favors from the great powers, and was believed to have been involved in both international arms, human and drug trafficking. After being identified as one of the world's "three rogue states" in 1996 by both President John Burwin and his challenger, Mitt Romney, Connery was ousted after taking seven Americans and twenty Englishmen hostage in 1997 and then launching rocket attacks against cities in Northern England in defiance. During the Scottish Conflict, military officers in Scotland rebelled against Connery and seized him at his palace in Edinburgh before turning him over to English military officers, including future Prime Minister John Lennon.

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