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Sealand fortress

Sealand, pre-Doomsday.

The Principality of Sealand, commonly known as Sealand, was a reasonably young nation before Doomsday. It was abandoned by the Bates Family, and now stands empty. It can be seen, on a clear day, from Sussex. The Fort has fallen into disrepair, and many believe it will soon collapse. The Son of 'Prince' Roy Bates has claimed it as his, and has been, for several years, attempting to scrape together enough funds to reach it. He has not met with success.



Sealand was an unrecognised nation, based on HM Fort Roughs. In 1978, it was invaded by Dutch and German Mercenaries, under Alexander Achenbach, the self proclaimed 'Prime Minister of Sealand'. He is presumed deceased. The Bates Family then took it back with little difficulty.


Immediately following Doomsday, the Bates Family left the Fort, on the 27th of September, 1983. The Fort has never been reoccupied. The Elder Bates died of Alzeimer's in 2003, possibly accelerated by the Fallout he was exposed to. His son then claimed his title as Prince of Sealand, and began trying to raise funds to return to Sealand. He was able to attract the interest of a small, fledging Radio Station. Michael - styling himself as the CEO of the station, used the funds of the Station to return to the small fort, with the aim of establishing a successful Radio Station, his father's dreams of independence left forgotten. The Radio Station - now "Radio Sealand" - swiftly gained in popularity, as the initial novelty allowed it to attract famous bands and musicians to the fort, which in turn increased the station's listening base, and it's ability to attract the prominent. After a year or two, the station began to record music there.

Recent History

The establishment of the Radio Station on the artificial island proved to be the catalyst of a wave of development. As it became a recording studio, the number of employees - understandably - grew, and the Bates family realised that they could not feasibly house all of them. The revenue generated from the studio was enough to enter negotiations for the purchase of the other forts from the [IDK] government, along with titles. Michael finally realised his father's dream, as he becomes Prince Michael of Sealand, however, the Bates family relocates to another one of the forts they have purchased, allowing the Studio free reign over the original platform. With the additional space on Sealand, the recording studio blossomed. Many of the other forts have begun to be developed. Plans to form a Hotel for fishing trips have been confirmed, whilst another has been co opted by Coast Guard along the British Coastline, to form a general Field Station.

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