Colonization in Africa

By the 1800s ,Europe was at its height of imperial luxury and slaves were essential to life, Danish land owners were increasingly demanding for new slaves, the Europeans were in contact with Africa by trading with prosperous native kings who sent slaves to the European colonies. But now the governments of Europe saw this as their chance. Not only did they decide to colonize Africa and take over from the native kings, they used this to compete against each other.

New colonies

In 1802 Denmark created the colony of St.Christian's gift, on the coast of Guiena. This created the Christian coast crisis in which the colonists were shot by a slave. This caused the Danish government to believe this was plotted by the native king Zanzar who originally came from Ethiopia. The Danish government then sent in 1,000 men to massacre Zanzar and his family. This act was heavily critized by the Ottomon Empire who were allies of Zanzar.

Next was the French who had owned the ports of Senegal since 1587, they formed The French West African Export Company. The company was backed by Napoleon himself. Though it

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