Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. In 1298 Sir William Wallace attacks London, England in the final battle of the Rise of a Kingdom War.

Sacking of London

1296 King Edward Longshanks I invades Scotland in hopes for complete domination, but is turned away by Scottish rebels led by Sir Robert the Bruce and Sir William Wallace. Then in 1298 Sir Wallace amazingly defeats King Longshanks and his army of 15,000 men in long and bloody battle. He then (with an additon of 13,000 men) marches on to London. At London Castle news of the loss has spred, riots have broken out, havoc in London, troops scrabble for their weapons and awaits the arrival of Wallace. And so he comes with more troops than expected. Sir Wallace signals the attack and the Sacking of London begins.

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