The 1998 Scottish State elections were held alongside elections to the other national parliaments of the British Republic.

1993 Scotland 2003
Scottish State election, 1998 (Fascist Coup Britain)
All 129 seats of the Scottish Parliament
May 7, 1990
First party Second party Third party
Leader Donald Dewar Robert Maclennan Jim Wallace
Party [[Leftist Alliance|Template:Leftist Alliance/meta/shortname]] [[Social Democratic Party|Template:Social Democratic Party/meta/shortname]] [[Social Liberal Party|Template:Social Liberal Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 6th December 1989 6th March 1988 18 April 1992
Leader's seat Glasgow Highlands and Islands Highlands and Islands
Last election 47 23 32
Seats after 55 29 21
Seat change +8 +6 -11
Fourth party Fifth party
Leader David McLetchie Alex Salmond
Party [[Conservative Party|Template:Conservative Party/meta/shortname]] [[Scottish National Party|Template:Scottish National Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 16th July 1989 5th October 1990
Leader's seat Lothians North East Scotland
Last election 21 6
Seats after 14 10
Seat change -7 +4

Previous First Minister
Donald Dewar
[[Leftist Alliance|Template:Leftist Alliance/meta/shortname]]

First Minister
Donald Dewar
[[Leftist Alliance|Template:Leftist Alliance/meta/shortname]]


The elections saw the incumbent Leftist-SDP coalition reelected with an increased majority.

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