Scottish Empire
Flag of Scotland
Official language(s) Gaelic, Welsh,English
Capital Edinburgh
Largest City Saint Paul (Sao Paulo)
Religions Catholicism, Animism, Protestanism
Queen Elizabeth I
Prime Minister Alex Salmond
Population Ten million
Established' 1835
Currency Euro
Regime Monarchy

The Scottish Empire was re-established in 1835, after the British Civil War, in which it fought for Britain against Eire and Wales, in exchange for independence. The King/Queen remains the Head of State, so Queen Elizabeth II of England is Queen ELizabeth I of Scotland.

The Empire was quite large. It had several outposts in India, including Bombay and Surat, and it continues to own Southern Brazil, including Sao Paulo, after the Christmas War with Portugal. Scotland mainly stayed a trading nation, away from actually being a huge empire. It, however, was the leader in trade in Europe, and as a consequence, bought several ports from bankrupt European countries such as Brittany at one point from France.


Scottish Empire- 1896

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