The Scottish Democrats was a populist Scottish political party that existed between 1992 and 2009.

Founded on April 15, 1992 by Eric Mulholland, a former Reform Party cabinet minister. The party took political stances from across the political spectrum, including opposition to immigration, support for electoral reform, increasing the size of parliament as well as having a pro-republican stance (subject to a referendum).

The party reached its peak at the 1995 election, winning 7 seats. Mulholland led the party into coalition with the Reform, Centre and Conservative parties, with Mulholland being appointed Minister for Education. In government the party moved sharply to the right on economic issues, becoming staunch supporters of privatisation and a flat tax, in some respects even moving to the right of the Conservative Party.

As a response to the party's shift to the economic right, as well as problems with party financing, the party was reduced to two seats at the 1999 election, both being the last seats in the constituencies allocated. Mulholland himself lost his Aberdeen seat, although he remained Leader.

In 2000 the party rebranded itself, returning to its earlier populism and instead focusing on anti-immigration rhetoric. The Democrats benefitted from the Reform party collapse at the 2003 election, winning 6 seats.

The 2007 election was a disaster for the party, with its vote share collapsing and the party failing to win a single seat in parliament.

At the party's conference in October 2009 the party voted to absorb itself into the Reform Party.

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