The Scottish Civil War was a highly divisive conflict and period of societal upheaval in Scotland between the Glasgow Riots in 1969, generally perceived to be the war's catalyst, and the 1973 Accords, in which the military acquised to the rebel demand of a constitutional republic and the expulsion of the royals. The war was caused by deep societal divisions, in which the impoverished Presbyterian nation became disenchanted with the aristocratic, Catholic-minority aristocracy buttressed for decades by foreign powers. Following the war, the country was unstable until a military coup in 1976 brought General Sean Connery to power, ushering in the reactionary and oppressive Connery Era in Scotland.

Outside of Scotland, the Scottish Civil War is regarded as the primary factor in both the rise of the Conservative Party in neighboring England and both the suppression of left-wing radicals in Ireland by the centrist Labour Party, the Catholic-Protestant tensions that erupted in the 1970's in Belfast, and for the eventual rise of the Conservatives in 1985.

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