United Kingdom of Scotland and Wales
Unitit Kinrick o Scotland an Wales
An Rìoghachd Aonaichte na hAlba agus a' Chuimrigh
Teyrnas Unedig yr Alban a Chymru
Flag Walscot
Official Languages English, Scots, Scots Gaelic, Welsh
Capitals Edinburgh
King Francis
Prime Ministers
Establishment 1914
Currency Scots Pound
Welsh Pound

The United Kingdom of Scotland and Wales was formed after the Welsh Revolution following the establishment of the Restored Kingdom of England. It is subdivided into two states, Scotland and Wales, each with its own parliament, which meet separately for matters concerning the individual states, and collectively for matters involving the United Kingdom.

Since 1923, Scotland and Wales have been in personal union with Bavaria.


The United Kingdom of Scotland and Wales has no federal currency. Each constituent produces its own money. However, each is legal tender in the other, and are of equal value.

List of Kings of Scotland and Wales

House of Stuart

  • 1894-1919 Louis I and Mary III (from 1913, Louis was also Ludwig III of Bavaria)
  • 1919-1921 Louis I
  • 1921-1925 Robert IV of Scots and I of Wales (also Rupprecht of Bavaria and, from 1923, of Rhineland)

Cartwright Interlude

  • 1925-1941 John I of Scots and II of Wales
  • 1941-1946 Richard I
  • 1946 Robert V of Scots and II of Wales

Stuart Restored

  • 1946-1955 Robert IV and I
  • 1955-1996 Albert II (also Albrecht of Bavaria)
  • 1996- Francis (also Franz of Bavaria)

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