10th February 2011

The Northumbrian Witain has been informed that on the 9th of February Ur Alba troops began arriving in the border town of Coldstream. It is expected that the border will be guarded by Scottish troops from the 11th.

It has also been announced that the Ur Alba military has also occupied the towns of North Berwick (where a small contingent of Ur Alba troops had stayed overwinter), Dunbar, Eyemouth and Haddington giving Ur Alba a coastal access to the North Sea.

13th February 2011

The Chamberhouse has announced that the newly occupied lands to the east and west will have representation from January 2012, it has been divided up into new provinces these being:


  • North Selkirkshire
  • South Selkirkshire
  • East Lothian
  • East Berwickshire
  • West Berwickshire


  • Wigtownshire

In addition to these new provinces, the existing provinces of Midlothian and Livingston will be expanded back to cover the same area as pre-DD.

18th February 2011

1000 men from the Ur Alba army have marched up the ruined Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle, relieving the troops that stayed there over winter, many buildings around the castle have been demolished to make the Castle more defendeble, the ruins of the former city will be slowly demolished to make way for new buildings, however any buildings of historical or military value will be rebuilt. The new town district of Edinburgh will be flattened and let to grow over due to the mild radioactivity in that area.

Buildings that will be rebuilt

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • St Giles's Cathedral
  • Royal Scottish Academy to be renamed Ur Alba Academy
  • The Scott Monument
  • Bank of Scotland Building to be renamed Bank of Ur Alba
  • Parliament House, possible relocation of the Chamberhouse if as expected Edinburgh becomes the Capital of Ur Alba.
  • The city walls will be rebuilt from materials from demolished buildings

9th March 2011

In order to make the Government of Ur Alba more democratic and in order to distance themselves from the former New Scottish state the Chairman Macintire announces that when his term is up in 2013 that a free and full general election will take place to find his successor from the members of the Chamber.

He also adds that from 2015 a general election will take place for the members of the Chamberhouse, each house will last five year maximum, each member will still have to be Scottish by birth and be a member of a guild.

Members of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement have cautiously welcomed the announcement by Chairman Macintire, they hope that the will be truly 'free and fair' elections and not just made to look that way, they have asked that another nation be used as independent invigalators, they ask for Northumbria or the Duchy of Lancaster be involved.

The message is signed Sir Robert Catesby and Sir Ambrose Rookwood.

After the message from the leaders of the 'Freedom for Scotland' movement, Chairman Macintire has given a message that he, the Chamberhouse, and the people of Ur Alba will not be dictated to by a known terrorist group, however in order to reduce the chances of a terrorist attack he will approach the Kingdom of Northumbria or the Organisation of British Nations (OBN) to act as independent invigalators for the general election in 2015.

14th March 2011

After the vote on Rheged to join the Kingdom of Northumbria the entire southern border of Ur Alba is now with the Kingdom of Northumbria, the border at Gretna will be manned with both Ur Alba and by the 1st of May by Northumbrian troops.

29th March 2011

An official announcement on 'events' regarding the Route Two train from Middlesbrough to Glasgow. It has been disclosed that Ur Alba troops stopped the train in Ur Alba territory, it deported 127 unacceptable Celtic traders and their families from Ur Alba territories. The troops neither harmed not threatened any non-Celtic nationals on the train and all Cleveland crew on the train co-operated completely with Ur Alba troops.

In response to the comments from the Governments of the Celtic Alliance, and Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria, Chairman Macintire has said that he hopes that this incident will not sour relation between Ur Alba and the Kingdoms of both Cleveland and its southern neighbour Northumbria, about the Celtic Alliance he said that their infiltration of Scottish territories, whether the areas were under Ur Alba control at the time or not is Celtic imperialism at its worse and the height of arrogance

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