Scotland is a constituent state of the United Kingdom of Scotland and Wales. It was formerly a constituent of the defunct United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Ireland, until the later's abolition and replacement with the short-lived Republic of Great Britain and Ireland.


Between 1603 and 1725, Scotland existed as a kingdom in personal union with England. In 1725, the Act of Union (1725) was passed, abolishing the separate kingdoms of England, Scotland, and the Netherlands, establishing instead the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Netherlands. Scotland was restored in 1817 with the Reunification Act, establishing the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

In 1894(?) Scotland and Ireland seceded, Scotland becoming a monarchy under the reign of Queen Mary III, heir to the Stuart claim, and wife of the second-in-line to the Rhinelandish throne, who co-ruled as King Louis of Scots (later becoming King Ludwig II of Rhineland as well). Scotland, together with Wales was quickly overrun by England in the First Eurasian War (Toyotomi).

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