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Republic of Scotland
Timeline: Separatist Boom

OTL equivalent: Scotland
Flag of Scotland Royal Arms of the Kingdom of Scotland
Flag Coat of Arms
S.b scotland
Location of Scotland

In my defence God me defend (English)

Anthem "Flower of Scotland"
Capital Edimburg
Largest city Glasgow
Other cities Inverness, Scapa and Lerwick
  others Scottish Gaelic
  others Catholic and Anglicanism
Ethnic Groups
  others Orkney, Outer Hebrides and Shetland
Demonym Scottish
Government Presidential Republic
  legislature Scottish Congress
President Nicola Sturgeon
  President House: Victory House
Primier Minister Alistair Carmichael
Area 78 772 km2
Population 5 062 011 hab
Established Middle Ages
Independence from Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  declared 4th February 1987
  recognized 12th February 1987
Currency Scottish Pound
Time Zone +0 (UTC+0)
Calling Code +60
Internet TLD .scot
Organizations European Union/ United Nations and NATO

Republic of Scotland was the 1st nation getting independence during the Separatist Boom

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