Kingdom of Scotland
Kingdom af Scotland
Timeline: (1234)
Flag of Scotland No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Scottavided English
  others English


[[List of *Senate (897 AD-1100 AD)
  • Monarch (1100 AD-1567 AD)
  • Prime Minster (1567 AD-present)s of Scotland ((1234))|*Senate (897 AD-1100 AD)
  • Monarch (1100 AD-1567 AD)
  • Prime Minster (1567 AD-present)]]
Area large km²
Population 11,208 
Established 897 AD
Currency Une Dallar



The French and the Spanish teamed up to find new land they sailed to a place they called Our Freedom Land, or better known today as Scotland. They soon discovered more land. They divided Our Freedom Land with present day Ireland and called the NORTH FRANCE and what is now Britain and the British Isles to NEW LAND OF BRITTANN. Although, France owed a great debt to the German Country (now known as the Dutch-German Society) so they gave present day Ireland to the Germans, and it renamed DUTCH FRANKFORTCH (even though it was the debt to Germany). So, France owned NORTH FRANCE although, there a leader named Scot Benjiaan Whating Mill Scot (Scot Scot; if you leave out his three middle names). So, unofficially, NORTH FRANCE changed its name to Scotland.

War with France

When New Scotland of France (a crossover name) wrote a document stating that they were not under French control. So, in the document it states that England (formerly NEW LAND OF BRITTANN) shall have control of the Scots until after the war. England itself shortly broke into Civil War with the people of Wales who remained loyal to Spain, but, Scotland won and so helped the English destroy the Wales. Soon, they made great peace.

New Government

Until 897, the Scots all listened to Scot Scot no one argued but, he had now died. So, every four years an election would be held to vote for five men and one woman to go into Council 1 and every eight years we'd elected four men and two women and every two years we elected on who'd control the twelve members of the senate although he was just the judicial branch. The First Council was the legislature and the second was the executive.

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