Part One

January 20th, 2009 Alexandria Virginia

John slunk down in his chair. Another day another dollar, nothing had seemed out of the ordinary. He had the same routine for the last six years. However today was a big day for the States. The First black president was being inaugurated today. He knew people going, but he was not a political man. Alas, Money ruled all. he sat back and turned on the TV, it would be starting soon. Only four others were in the office. He sloppily finished his work, grabbed a coffee and sat back down.

The nation watched as President Obama walked up to the podium. One second felt like an hour, as if time knew what was happening before any one person did. He put his hand on the Holy Bible.

"I do solemnly swear that I will Fait-" and then a loud noise, the screen lit up, and then went black. Gasps filled the office. A technological error he thought.

In the distance he heard a siren, he began flipping through channels. Nothing. Panicking, he ran down the hallway. it had been eight years since September 11th, they could have been back for more blood. He got to the street and got into his car. By now six minutes have passed and the roads were in mass chaos. He could hear his heart beat over the commotion. Traffic was like he had never seen before. He drove as fast as possible, through downtown Alexandria. Not a single cop on the streets, he had been nailed for tickets time and time again in this place.

Upon reaching his house he bolted through the door to find his wife crying.

"What happened?" he asked, and yet all she could do was point to the TV.

He approached. The Headline read "Bomb explodes at presidential inauguration; possibly nuclear."

It would be confirmed later that this was in fact a dirty bomb.

It was known from the first second he saw the inauguration that the president was dead - but who else was? Reports would fill in over the next few days that hundreds of celebrities, most of congress, some supreme court judges, and countless civilians had died in the hellfire. The death Toll estimated as high as 18,000 initially. The deaths due to radiation exposure and violence would skyrocket over the next few months panic was setting in, a panic that would spread like a virus throughout the rest of the nation and on to the world.

But at that moment they had decided to escape to his parents home in Charlotte. They packed their belongings, and trekked out. Another three hours waiting in traffic, and it became nightfall. By now the dirty bomb was common knowledge, and after a recession and the war in Iraq, the civilians had reached their breaking point. As they were approaching a bridge a body fell onto the hood of their car. A jumper, maybe one whose family members had died at the inauguration? His wife began to scream at him to help the guy, but he knew better. He saw the lifeless eyes from inside the seat.

They would get to a motel 40 km from Richmond. Listening to the news, towns were erupting in flames from rioters. Reports of people including Samuel L Jackson, Former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, golfer Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey among others had perished. Among them top business executives. Already in a recession, the stock market would plummet.  Two days later, it would come out that the perpetrator was a man named James G. Cummings, a Neo-Nazi. The government, now under President Robert Gates, would try to cover it up and blame it on Iran, but before long it was common knowledge that a right winger had killed him. This would fuel resentment for years to come.

Radiation would fill D.C, so the government was moved to its old location. Philadelphia

Five days after the event, dubbed "the inauguration holocaust" John was killed by a drunk driver in Charlotte. His funeral was small, too many of his friends and family were already dead.

February 3rd, 2009 Wall Street, New York, New York

The Stock Market had crashed. With so many executives, not to mention the government, dead, profits plummeted. People began selling all they had got as prices dropped and they watched their money dwindle.  Reports of stock brokers falling like rain flowed in increasing the panic. Money was withdrawn from banks faster than they could be replaced, but with the government all but collapsed, so was the insurance on the money. the unemployment rate rose.

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