Scientological StateIslandInTheSky
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Ovda Regio (Venus).
Flag of the Scientological State (Venusian Haven) Emblem of the Scientological State (Venusian Haven)
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Venus (Venusian Haven)
Location of the Scientological State
(center yellow)

We Stand Tall (English)

Capital The Star Base
Other cities Hubbardtown, New Clearwater
  others German, Russian, Spanish
  others Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Demonym Scientologist
Government Unitary theocratic presidential constitutional republic
  legislature House of Representatives
Chairman David Miscavige
President Yvonne Adams Schick (L)
Area 1,200,000 km²
Population ~75,000 
Independence from the United States
  declared 2007
Currency Credit (VCR)
Internet TLD .ss
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

The Scientological State, commonly abbreviated as the SS, is a sovereign state located in Western Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. With backing from the United States, the region came under the development of the Church of Scientology in the late 1990s to become a new homeland for adherents to the church. Under the leadership of David Miscavige, the church began to move much of their operations to Venus. These settlements declared their independence in 2007, establishing itself as a theocratic state (the only one to currently exist on Venus).

The territory claimed by the Scientological State is located on the westernmost portions of Aphrodite Terra. Located just south of the equator, the climate is humid and tropical. The terrain is partially mountainous, which is characterized by a series of mesas scattered across the region. Most of the population is settled along the coast of Tahmina Mare in the nation's south. New Florida is their closest neighbor.

Government and Politics

As its name suggests, the Scientological State is a nation which constitutionally combines the teachings of the Church of Scientology under a democratic and theocratic government (colloquially known as a theodemocracy). Many have compared the government of the Scientological State to those of Iran and (to a lesser extent) the Vatican City.

David Miscavige Portrait

Chairman David Miscavige.

According to the constitution, the head of state of the Scientological State shall always be held by the Chairman of the Board of of the Religious Technology Center (i.e., the leader of the Church), which is currently held by David Miscavige. The Chairman is the highest political ranking within the nation and is allowed to finalize most decisions in regards to the nation.

The citizens of the Scientological State democratically elect a President who can serve a maximum of two four-year terms. Unlike the Chairman, the President is to represent the citizens of the nation and to establish a national government tasked with running the nation. Though the President can be seen as a secular-position, the Chairman has the final say on who can be elected by the people.


Mesa located within the Scientological State.

The House of Representatives is the unicameral legislature of the Scientological State. Representatives are distributed across the nation based on population and are allowed to serve an unlimited number of two-year terms. A Speaker is chosen among the Representatives to head the chamber (usually a member of the largest political party).

Political Parties

Administrative Divisions

The Scientological State is a unitary state which is comprised of several counties.

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