Timeline: Orbis Romanum

October,10 101CE

Lenardus Vincis working in Athens publishes a work called "Principia Naturalis". The work is a mathematical treatment of forces including a force called gravitation. Lenardus has developed a new branch of mathematics in the process called "integration". He is an introverted genius as never seen before. Previous geniuses excelled in discourse and social graces. Lenardus is the opposite: a lone figure hardly noticing people around him. But the impact of his work is such that aspiring geniuses start to imitate him. Much later the date of publication will be called the beginning of science.

December,31 102CE

Americus Vespi is appointed as president of Rome by Scipio who retires with ill health. Different areas of what is now called Orbis Romanum seem to specialize in certain fields. Greece is the center of learning. Germania is the center of philosophy, India concentrates on mathematics and the Picts in the north of Brittania show an amazing talent for engineering. Rome itself excels in government.

April,4 103CE

Chrestus discovers the continent of America while trying to get to China via the west. The continent is named after the Roman president. A settlement is built called Roma Novis and contact is made with barbaric tribes.

July,30 107CE

Senator Tacitus visits Americus and writes a book about the natives and the barbaric Aztecs who practise human sacrifice.

February,14 125CE

Roman engineers make the first cannon based on gunpowder. Soon the cannon is made in numerous variations including the portable musket. The cannon has a longer range than the onager but the projectiles are smaller.

June,9 132CE

The Bar Kochba revolt in Israel is ruthlessly suppressed. All Jews are banished from the Middle East and many become slaves. This puts and end to a series of revolts in Orbis Romanum. Roman legions are now armed with muskets and supported by cannon. Railways make it possible to move a legion from one end of the empire to the other in 14 days. The Roman empire is now thinking of expansion again. The first newspapers appear denouncing the exploitation of workers in China and encouraging the civilization of the barbaric tribes of America.

August,9 135CE

Telegraph lines are being laid between all cities in Orbis Romanum. This amazing and simple device transmits signals instantaneously. At first only patricians are allowed to use the device.

January,3 143CE

Roman legions cross the border into China as retaliation for border skirmishes. Chinese diplomats accuse the Romans of engineering the border skirmishes as an excuse for war. The attack is well planned and uses 20 legions with a total of 200,000 soldiers.

February,12 143CE

The Roman advance into China is slowed down by Mongolian horsemen. It is evident that the Chinese had expected an attack and they have convinced the Mongolians to support them. The Mongolian make hit-and-run raids on the Roman army.

March,21 143CE

The Roman advance stalls at the Yangtze river when A large Chinese army meets the Romans. A Roman cavalry attack is beaten back with rockets. Some Chinese units are armed with muskets so both sides dig trenches for cover.

September,11 143CE

There are now 5 Roman settlements in Florida, Americus. Natives are brought into civilization by force. Contact has been made with the Aztec civilization. There is only one legion available to provide security.

June,1 144CE

Roman legions break through Chinese lines at the Yangtze river. After being stalled for more than a year Roman engineers decided to use armored steam tractors. The Chinese don't have any steam power themselves and were thoroughly intimidated. They fled with cavalry in pursuit. Mongolian warriors tried to throw back the Romans but came under fire from specially trained sharpshooters.

February,6 145CE

Peking falls to the advancing Romans. No major battles have been fought. The Chinese and Mongolians try to delay the Romans. Chinese retreat to the mountainous north.

May,2 147CE

The Hunni have been testing Roman patience for a while by making raids across the Don into Goth territory. Bad idea. Roman legions suddenly strike against the Hunni, trapping and annihilating a large raiding party. Almost involuntary legions find themselves on the Volga river. The new border is consolidated with forts.

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