Dark seeker

One of the effects of radiation, most relatable to the Dark Seekers of I Am Legend

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In the aftermath of the nuclear war in 1983, there was chaos. Technology was shut down, and for the first time in their lives people were alone, truly and utterly alone. They were forced to recreate society and in the years since many nations have formed.

With the recreation of society came the return of science. Scientists were forced to do things they never thought they would ever have to do. Create a cure or a temporary cure to the common cold, this had already been done before. Scientists were put to the test, pharmacies were robbed, pharmacies went empty. And forced with an angry group of people, scientists had to foray into areas already researched.

While unlike in science fiction movies where many go through mutations, many of these people became deformed. The cracking of skin, loss of hair, and sensitivity to UV rays made many patients of radiation sickness a handful to take care of.

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