Science and technology is the accumulation of a civilization's vast, systematic knowledge of how things work and the practical uses of it. In this TL, science and technology is more advanced than OTL though it is not too advanced to the point it's ASB. For example, there are medicines for numerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even AIDS. Genetic and biotechnology have helped advance the worldwide agricultural output. There have been manned missions to Venus and Mars while there are a few, small space colonies in the Moon (not towns, though just settlements for scientific purposes). Computers, lasers, video game consoles, cell phones, software, and the Internet are more advanced and are almost everywhere. Renewable energy is used more commonly as well with vehicles, machines, ships, and planes running on renewable energy, though a majority still use oil and natural gas. Weapons and military technoly are more advanced which can be quicker, stronger, faster, and tougher. Manufacturing is also more advanced, with more advanced industrial equipment and higher quality products. Yet regardless of the technological and scientific avance, it does not distinguish how advanced the world is, but the features that make it impressive.

A nation's point of view to science shapes its scientific and technological process. Certain countries have the upper hand in certain fields. For example, China is the master of genetic and biotechnology, producing more food than the top 4 agricultural producers combined. Japan is the master of shipbuilding, marine technologies, building engineering, and hydrology as the master of the seas. America is the master of energy and environmental technologies, IT and communications, transporation, chemical science, and robotics. France, however, is the master of nearly every science and technology, including industrial, military, medical, engineering, mechanics, astrology, and quantum physics. Other nations are second-tier powers in the development of technology and science and are understanding it more and more. Unlike OTL, so forms of technology are more avilable to people worldwide to certain degrees.

This page contains the links of the technologies and scientific advancements in this TL. While some concepts are very well-known, others are just being started to be learned by humans. Some topics like biotechnology, biomedical technology, and genetic engineering are complex topics in this TL and their use in this world does not simplify their definition.


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