Ever since the start of the Cold War in the 1870's, technology has accelerated from simples Victorian Era technology to what those in OTL to be modern or even slightly futuristic in nature. The tech gap of this Timeline compared to OTL differs greatly, depending on which industry or branch of science is being compared.

To put it broadly, the majority of nations are somewhere in what could be considered the early-mid 2020's of OTL, but some technology remains in OTL or slightly behind.

Weapons and Warfare

Arguably once of the most advanced sections of this timeline is the growth of the Military-Industrial Complex. Most weapons are based off what we could consider concepts in OTL, but are restricted to government control, depending on what the weapon's use is. Railguns are only used as a naval or artillery emplacements, but were only introduced in the early 2000's. The increase in military advancements is due to the prolonged Cold War, which spurned a higher amount of technological innovation over the century long stalemate.

Medical Advancements

Medical technology, despite having lagged behind for a few years, has bounced back since the 1980's to exceed OTL medical technology by at least half a decade. Cybernetics (for amputees or those suffering other injuries) have become commonplace and most bionic limbs are capable of replicating the sensation of touch for their users. The trend of 'printing' organs has also become affordable for the upper-middle class in most countries.


Space Programs


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