Science and Technology in this alternate timeline is mostly changed from both Nuclear War (WW3) and failed Bio-weapon that damaged human civilization more.

Science and Technology after Doomsday and Outbreak


Americas (sans remnant of Brazil)

Since most of Electric technology is permanently disabled in almost parts around of the planet, Most communication technology is cause revival of "old" post delivery system by horse (Mostly North America).


Americas (Included American islands)

Energy throughout Americas with their islands are rarely limited with Electricity (via couple remaining functional Hydraulic dams in North America like Las Vegas Dam (formerly called Hoover Dam) as means keep a city-state alive until possibly used as expansion for Militia and Entertainment use) and Brazil is begin reviving remain Electricity as their proposed Technological Program by Brazilian Government for get recreated Electricity throughout Brazil and later South America.

Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Various islands around planet (san American islands)


British Isles

A History Technology and Science after Doomsday and Outbreak

After the war most countries focused on the survival of mankind. As things began to improve, new technologies came into existence.

1964-1975: Restructuring (in remains of Brazil, Europan, (least several parts) Asian and Oceanian of remaining nations)

1975-1990: "Cyber Dark Ages"

While 2/5 parts of world as Restructuring due thanks of Soviet Union's famous electricians bring some it back in Europe (firstly), Places like North America, Latin America, Africa, New Zealand (eventually in early 1980s) is permanently failed there due of Nuclear bombs or missiles destroy all electricity around former parts of United States. It's because technology seemly reverted back for now into "Neo"-Medieval technology and Feudal government system was revived and tribal government system with primitive technology came in 1970s as anarchy destroyed remaining Doomsday nations.

1990-1995: Stagnation

1995-1999: Priorities and Preparation

1999: "Deleted"

1999-2006: Second Dark Ages (least in British Isles and still stuck in unfixable parts of world)

2006-2008: Development

2008-Ongoing: Technological revolution/Rebirth of Electicity of New World

Technological Revolution was triggered by the Soviet Union, Japan, Germany and Australia was successful in reviving all lost technology books within from Pre-Nuclear War/Outbreaks, More new scientists, electricians, inventors and etc. (that have related to science and technology).

And its cause birth of newer technologies like military, communications, house life, daily life, industry, biotechnology, spaceflight and air flight are finally re-progressed and move on from unstuck in early-mid 1960s into seemly late 1960s to beyond (currently in reach to early 1970s).

2009-Ongoing: Re-communication attempts to North America

France's government was rediscovered lost American continents as its fifth satellite communication take photographs around plant with white lights (mean presents areas have electricity) and some are planning is ether take there lost colonial island(s) (Saint Pierre and Miquelon) from unclaimed since WW3 happened.

2011-Ongoing: Re-communication to Brazilian Nation