School War I is an Alternate World War I which lasts from 1914-1925

It involves Elementary to High School Students fighting against a new form of Russian government called "Schoolism." The Allies are The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Austria-Hungary, France, and Turkey. The Schoolist Powers (which are The Central Powers) are Russia, Japan, Italy, and Irish Rebels.

How it began:

It is 1914, a teacher creates "Schoolism.", and presents it to the Russian government. The Russians approve of this idea and immediately makes it a new government. Shortly after that The Russians or "Schoolists." as they call themselves attack Germany, Germany responds by declaring war on Russia, then Britain, The United States, And France have the same fate and they declare war on Russia. But Italy, Japan, Ireland join the Schoolist Powers

How it went through:

This war was very bloody, and the airplane warfare was even more bloody.

The Russians had a flying ace called Captain Dikovich, who was known to the allies as "The Black Knight."

By 1916, The Schoolists had dominated much of Europe but there is hope from The Germans and The Americans

as they go towards everything Schoolist related

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