Greetings. You have successfully landed on the planet of Earth. The year is 1733. In this year, Jeremiah Dixon and Siraj ud-Daulah will be born. August II of Poland will die and August III, his son, will be elected as the new King, igniting the War of Polish Succession. But these events can always change. A shift of the wind, the flick of a finger, the sleep of a peasant. So what if Dixon are the Nawab are not born? What if Stanisław became the King of Poland? Imagine this Scenario, 1733.


  • Because Jeremiah Dixon is not born, Dixon and another surveyor established new borders that crippled Maryland severely. Eventually a second conflict with emerge between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which later involved Maryland. This led to the virtual demise of the Pennsylvania colony, and new borders were decreed for Pennsylvania.
  • Siraj ud-Daulah is never born, rather, his parents have a child with the same name that will prevent the British from taking Bengal and subsequently the rest of India.
  • France, Prussia, Spain, and their allies see land gains from Austria, while Poland gathers Russian lands. However, Poland, under Stanisław's leadership, collapses after his death, leaving room for Sweden and Russia to recollect.

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