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The Scavengers Alliances are a loose coalition of tribes that call themselves the Scavengers. Well known for stealing anything of use, they are traditionally nomads, and are distrustful of strangers. Occasionally, Scavengers have gone to war with one another over things such as fuel, water and food. However, with the world being rebuilt, the Scavengers united into Scavengers Alliances, and seized control of much of southern China, leaving most of the already established nations alone. However, they have been known to seize supplies from as far as north America, having set to work on building a powerful navy. Some bands have even gotten as far as Eastern Europe, and have begun to settle the lands they have crossed. Regarded as a nuisance by most nations, they have begun to build a strong military.


The Scavengers began softly after Doomsday, formed by Osama bin Laden. Starting off as nomads, they would move from place to place, picking the ruins clean of anything they could find. As they grew more powerful, more people began to join them. Spreading into southern China, where scouts found signs of civilization. Osama bin Laden, upon learning this, choose to settle in southern China. After the recovery of radios, they made contact with other nomads, who agreed to follow their ways, as they were the single most powerful former nomads by 1989. The recovery of some merchant ships saw the Scavengers launching a fleet to North America. Instructed by Bin Laden to go west, the settled in the west coast, expanding the Scavengers. Bin Laden choose keep his nation a secret from the rest of the world

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