Scandinavia is a nation in Northern Europe. It is a political union between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, and Arctica. Scandinavia is one of the world superpowers in a Cold War with Asia. The nation is a constitutional monarchy, with current King being Harald VII.

Foreign Relations


Black is best.

Blue is second best. A nation is often blue when they have trade agreements and an alliance with Scandinavia.

Green is third. A green nation probably has an alliance with the nation.

Purple is fourth. Most likely a trade agreement and a history of not warring with the nation.

  • Russia and Wales (political union, and intertwined monarchy)
  • Austria
  • Czechland
  • Breslau
  • Italy
  • Ethiopia


Red is the worst, high alert.

Yellow comes after red, most likely an ally of the red nations.

Orange, most likely an enemy of one of Scandinavia's allies.

  • Nippon
  • Bharat
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Finland
  • Onoguayal
  • Subordinates of Nippon, Bharat, China, or Vietnam.

List of Kings

  • King Haakon IV (1889 - 1897)
  • Interregnum
  • King Harald IV (1897 - 1900) (took the throne after Civil War)
  • King Harald V (1900 - 1912)
  • King Harald VI (1912 - 1932) (son of Haakon IV)
  • King Harald VII (1932 - 1957)
  • King Haakon V (1957 - present)
  • King Harald VI (tentative, will become King on death of Haakon V)

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