Scandinavia refers to the geographical region of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland, Jutland and the Danish Islands, as well as the territories where these Nordic peoples ruled and expanded their culture, religion and language during the Age of Exploration.



The Scandinavian languages are divided in two main groups: North Germanic languages and Fennic languages:

There are nine officially recognized North Germanic languages:

  1. Dansk (Danish)
  2. Skånsk (Scanian)
  3. Svenska (Swedish)
  4. Norsk (Norwegian)
  5. Føroyskt (Faroese)
  6. Norn (Spoken in Scotland and on the Shetland and Orkney Isles)
  7. Íslenska (Icelandish)
  8. Grønlandsk (Greenlandish)
  9. Vinlandsk (Vinlandish)

There are three officially recognized Fennic languages

  1. Suomi (Finnish)
  2. Eesti (Estonian)
  3. Saami (Sami/Lappish)


Most of the Scandinavian peoples follow the Catholic Nordic Church, preceded by the Pope of Lund.


Some Scandinavian countries include:

Scandinavia proper

  1. Denmark
  2. Scania
  3. Sweden

North Atlantic

  1. Greenland
  2. Iceland


  1. Scotland


  1. Vinland
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