Kingdom of Scandinavia
Konungariket Skandinavien
Kongedømme Skandinaviens
Kongedømmet Scandinavia
Skandinavian Kuningaskunta
Konungsríki Skandinavíu

Timeline: 1776: The United Commonwealth of America

OTL equivalent: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland
Flag of Scandinavia Armoiries medievales d Eric de Poméranie 1382-1459
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Du gamla, Du fria"
(and largest city)
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
  others Icelandic, Sami, Karelian and Faroese
Religion Protestantism (predominant)
Demonym Scandinavian
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Monarch Carl XVI Gustaf
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (SAP)
1,319,587.7 km²
  water (%) 29.3
Population 26,521,699 
Currency Scandinavian krona (¥)
Internet TLD .sk
Organizations UN, EU, WTO, OECD and G20

Scandinavia is a nation is Europe. Like the United Kingdom, it is a union of multiple countries.


Name Capital Flag Coat of Arms Monarch
Sweden Stockholm
Flag of Sweden
Greater coat of arms of Sweden
Carl XVI Gustaf
Denmark Copenhagen
Flag of Denmark
National Coat of arms of Denmark
Margrethe II
Norway Oslo
Flag of Norway
Coat of arms of Norway
Harald V
Finland Helsinki/Helsingfors <center>Flag of Finland
Coat of arms of Finland
Iceland Reykjavík Flag of Iceland</center>
Coat of arms of Iceland
Aland Islands Mariehamn/Maarianhamina <center>Flag of Åland
Coat of arms of Åland
Faroe Islands Tórshavn/Thorsavn
Flag of the Faroe Islands
Coat of arms of the Faroe Islands
Greenland Nuuk/Godthåb
4th Proposal
Coat of arms of Greenland

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