Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
(and largest city)
Language Khanian
Area 95,293 sq km
Population 14,304 
Currency Copper, Coins, Bronze

Saz-Al-Khan was a tribe, currently known as Salkhanian Empire, located in the south-eastern (on the known map) deserted island, which they call "Salzia".

Salkhanians speak Khanian language (which in OTL similar to English, with some Arab-a-like words).

The people of Saz-Al-Khan are very friendly and tend to finish every conflict peacefully.

They are very experienced in using agriculture tools, so their main trading material is food. The currency used is wheat, copper and bows.


In 6500 BC, Saz-Al-Khanian people have developed the Naalebinding technique.

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