Sassenriek (Saxon)
Sachsenreich (Dioutish)

Saxon Empire
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 679-??? Succeeded by
Old Saxony banner Saxon Confederation ???
Old Saxony banner First coat of arms of Old Saxony
Flag Coat of Arms
Saxon Empire SM
Saxony at its greatest extent
Capital: Marklo
Largest city: Marklo
Other cities: Erphsurt, Utrecht, Ossenbrügge, Meideborg, Waldarborg
Old Saxon
  other languages: Dioutish/Thuringian, Frankish, Gothic, Alamanni, Lombard
Paganism, later Paganism and Christianity
  other religions: Judaism,
Ethnic groups:
Type of government: Feudal Empire
  government: Emperor
Area: area km²
Population: population 
Currency:  Barter, solidus

After the unification of Saxon tribes by powerful warchief Waldar I, Old Saxony became the powerful Saxon Confederation, one of the most powerful states together with the Empire of the West and the Byzantine Empire. It survived for close to a hundred years before slowly collapsing due to religious troubles.

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