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Su-47 1

A new SU-47E model taking off (1984)

Edward Nelson awoke with a start as he looked into the face of Neville Chamberlain. He got up and looked around and cursed as he realized that the particle telephone worked, only too well. Then he turned around and said “Mr. Chamberlain? I have a proposal for you.”

The year is 1933; 117 years later there will be a nuclear war that leaves Earth in Ruins. 9 years later several scientists experiment with a particle telephone which is exposed to an ion storm, all 45 of the world’s top scientists are delivered backwards, now can they prevent the weapon that caused this all? Can they still win the war as 14 scientists are in Axis territory? What will the world look like? Will there be peace?

January 1st-August 10th, 1933-Arrival

January-45 scientists arrive in the past due to a malfunction. They all manage to communicate with each other due to their radio phones and computers since the wires also came through, Although one is missing. After a short talk on the 1st they all agree to stop Einstein from writing his letter, stop the USSR, give the NAZI’s and Japanese weaker weapons that are weaker to the Allied weapons, and improve life in the period. The scientists make contact with the governments of the Axis and Allies. Nelson, after being released in May for breaking and entering joins the scientific corps in England and prepares to make the legendary F-22 and Sukhoi 47.

February- Scientist William Markan approaches Albert Einstein and asks him to help him write an article on Light Speed and its complications. After being accepted by Einstein who forgets atom bombs and the like and justs wants to keep his idea that light travel is impossible while Markan debates with him, the other scientists are dealt with in a similar fashion. In Germany, scientist Albert Dossoler creates (by accident) a Hydrodgen powered, 1,000 horsepower engine that can be used in a plane or tank. Hitler takes a notice and has him given government support.

March- In Japan, Hikaru Negelin approaches Yamamoto about a redesign of the carriers to hold a new fighter he’s designing. The fleet admiral follows him and is stunned to see a jet, the F9F Cougar and is excited and hopes this can accomplish victory at any price. In America, Laura Markan approaches Jack Northrop with a plan to make a “Computer” that will stabilize the Flying Wing design, it is said in rumor of course that Northrop had an org*** over this and tried to sleep with Ms. Markan . While in France, Willy Tussards meets with several army generals to make a better plane, one that happens to be the F-86.

April-After 3 months, Nelson gets the approval to make the carrier capable F-22 and the Suhkoi 47 while Thomas Etelen manages to get support for the A-10 Thunderbolt. In Germany, Hitler asks Dossoler to assist Billy Messerschmitt and Kurt Tank to design fighters. This he does with glee as he assisted by Erhard Milch, Germany’s best organizer save for Albert Speer.

May-Construction of the new Queen Victoria class of carrier begins, this carrier type is 1,000 ft. long, will hold 30 F-22’s or 60 Swordfish and represents England’s greatest spending spree in 30 years, after convincing Parliament of the immunity of these weapons power and longetivity and trumped up fears of a French attack, a “blank check” is allowed for the construction of two carriers, 60 F-22’s, and 200 Berkuts. At the next meeting they all have all agree to talk in December and plan their next move. The air to air missile program in England is moving smoothly along while in Germany, the F-14 is being designed as the FW-190, while in Japan, the army has refused the sleek F9F for its beloved propeller planes, in Italy though, it’s pretty much hit a rut, the scientist in there is a crying wreck, In the US, the Northrop bomber design has met with much resistance from the conservative elements in the Army air forces. Before the meeting ends they all agree to meet in Geneva in August.

June- Composite manufacturing centers and computer workshops are built in Birmingham for the SU-47 and F-22. Out of work and trained people rush to get jobs even though the factories have yet to be completed. In Germany, the FW-194 is approved for construction as is the Focker Angelis. Göring, though, is found dead in his bathtub. A memorial takes place the next day. In Japan, the carriers are lengthened to take the new catapults and planes. In Italy, a new tank, based on the M29 Pershing is approved with a limit of 50 tanks.

July-The Northrop bomber is at long last approved and it is said that Jack Northrop danced his way out of the office, even though he would have to share production with Lockheed.

August- Plans are drawn up for the next three years in Geneva.

January1936- The two British carriers Ark Royal and Hermes are equipped with their first F-22 squadrons. In Germany, Hitler's medicine is secretly switched out with a new neurological medicine which alleviates Hitler's insanity issues and makes him take a more tolerant view of the Jews. With this, Germany's supply structure, which is chaotic comes under the reign of Milch and Speer, while construction of the Graff Spree Germany's first carrier and her FW-194 squadrons are near completion. They utilize a new AIM-54 Phoenix and AIM-9 Missile that is capable of Mach 5 and is more maneuverable. Japan's carriers are finished and await the F9F while a "LASER" is accidentally jump-started with the discovery of nanobot batteries. Italy has finally finished the 50 tanks and is now making 1000 more of the lighter tankettes. In Spain, civil war erupts.

August-The Northrop B-49 is finished and is capable of 6,000 miles with the bombload of a B-17 due to weak jet power and unwillingness to buy a more powerful German or English Jet. In Japan, the LASER Close in Weapons System is planned for every Japanese ship including the planned Yamato class. Negelin is hailed as a hero by the Navy for his contributions and his associate Dr. Ezerkin has helped the Japanese make the Yamato class stronger and more resilient. The new F-120 jet engine finally reaches true production and is fitted to the F-22 and SU-47 while the A-10 finally reaches production of 10 planes a month.

September- Adolf Hitler dies of a drug mix when anti-insanity drugs mix with his usual drugs. The SS though takes the blame and the fall. Germany renounces them with joy and gets friendlier with England. Franco is killed when a M34 (Like the Patton) tank on loan from the US gets a lucky shot, the Nationalists dissolve.

January 1941

Dr. Nikolas Plachencko, the 45th scientist has chilling news, the USSR is preparing for war with ALL nations.

June 22, 1941

The USSR's three branches of the military invade East and West with T-34's and KV-1's armed with 105's. The air force is armed with mostly P-39 derivatives.

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