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The Savage Earth timeline explores the history of the world -and of mankind in particular- had the dinosaurs not died out 65 million years ago.

This timeline is based on three major premises:

1) The K-T extinction never takes place.

2) There is minimal evolution within the dinosaur species.

3) Mankind still emerges (albeit from colder climes and with a slightly different physiology).

On Dinosaur Nomenclature

In this timeline, Dinosaurs are referred to by the scientific and common names used in our timeline (OTL), e.g. Iguanodon or Tyrannosaurs Rex. Certainly, had man coexisted with dinosaurs (as in the Savage Earth timeline), very different and more common names would have developed for each dinosaur. Still, for the ease of the reader, the names from our timeline are used to refer to specific dinosaurs.

Geography and Climate

Though the history of life on earth is changed dramatically in the Savage Earth timeline, there is little to no divergence from the changes of earth's geography and climate in OTL. The shifting and emergence of continents and oceans occurs identically as in OTL. Climate changes, cycles of warming and cooling, are similarly unaffected.

Admittedly, geographical changes do affect the habitats of dinosaurs. As the continents shift, the fauna move also. Some species flourish under the new conditions, some become extinct.

Similarly, climate changes both help and hinder animal life. Note: during the ice ages, dinosaur populations radically shrink in proportion to the contraction of their warmer natural habitats. However, like the crocodilians in OTL, most survive to rule again during warmer periods.

J. T. Zeringue 01:33, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

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