Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia
Timeline: Global Pacification: World at War (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Saudi Arabia
Flag of Saudi Arabia (1934-1938)
Flag of Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia

("(Main one for war time) With our soul,With our blood We defend you Islam. (Peace time/war time) "There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of God"")

(and largest city)
Religion Sunni Islam
Currency Saudi riyal


When the Muslim Brotherhood came into power they put Abd al-Kader Yasin Laden as their leader. He begin to set up a Parliament of Islamic:220/410 Pro Axis:70/410 Pro Allies:70/410 Pro Comintern: 50/410. He also begin to to replace Military generals with better and dedicated people. He also begin to supply Muslim separatists in the Xinjiang region of China. He begin on making a strong Military and Political Muslim Faction called the United Muslim Union (UMU),He then send Pakistan an invite to join the UMU. (May 1939) 
Saudi coat of arms


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