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The Saudi-Iranian War was fought between Saudi Arabia and Iran from 19/1/2001 to 3/8/2004. It ended in an Iranian victory and the overthrowing of the Saudi Royal Family. The war spread across the entire Middle East. The source of the war is believed to be over the massacre of 300 Shia Muslims by Saudi forces on 17/1/2001. The war made an estimated 300 million homeless


Tensions were rising between Saudi Arabia and Iran over religious reasons with both countries accusing each other of genocide and nuclear weapon production. Tensions heightened when 300 Shia Muslims were killed by Saudi forces at Sufi Bazaar, a precinct located 20km out of Riyadh. Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Khomenini expressed his outrage over the attack as it was revealed 198 of the 300 victims were Iranian. Iran's foreign ministry issued a notice to the Saudi parliament saying to pay compensation or face war. The Saudi Government refused prompting Iran to declare war.

Saudi-Iranian War





Middle East


Iranian Victory


Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman

Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey


Mohammed bin Nayef Saddam Hussein Abdullah al-Saud

Ayatollah Khomenini Reza Mohchanejad Hassan al-Bashir


419,000 at start

545,000 at start

Casualties and Losses



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