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Satyana Maurya
षअटजअनअ मौर्य
Timeline: Great Empires

Portrait of Satyana Maurya

Empress regnant of the Hindustani Maurya Empire
2012 – present

Predecessor: Brihadatha
Co-Emperor: Sikandar Maurya

Grand Empress of Greater India
2012 – present

Predecessor: Shahara Timur (as Mughal Empress)
Co-Emperor: Sikandar Maurya
Born: 3 March 1987
Kushinagar, Mughal Empire
Full name: Satyana Kothari Maurya
Spouse: Sikandar Maurya
House: Maurya Dynasty (by marriage)
Father: Shaurya Kothari
Mother: Indira Kothari
Religion: Hinduism

Satyana Kothari Maurya is the current Empress of India, together with her husband and co-ruler Sikandar Maurya.

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