The planet Saturn is little more than a massive sphere of gas at first glance. Though, with the atmoshpere being mostly Hydrogen, all the heavier elements sank to the center. The heaviest element found in Saturn, In the early Solar System in OTL and this one, is carbon, thereby forming a massive sphere of carbon-a diamond really-at the core of Saturn. In this timeline, much of the atmosphere has been deatomized by the solar wind sent out by Jupiter. This deatomization reduced three-fourths of the atmosphere to subatomic particles, which then re-formed into the many elements required for life. Saturn, having much more deatomization than Uranus or Neptune, had a vast sea of mostly water covering its solid diamond surface. It had millions of substances floating around, one of which formed life. The planet-wide ocean was roughly a mile deep. In our timeline Saturn had dozens of moons. In this timeline, all of the lighter moons were either flung out the system (About sixty percent), others collided with planets or Jupiter (About thirty percent), and the remainder combined with other moons. The four Galilean moons orbit the remaining gas giants now, with Ganymede circling Saturn.


The Alayans are eight foot tall shark-like creatures. The Alyans later became able to walk on land and live under water, their fins also changed into arm-like organs, used for gripping prey and handholds on land. Their breathing, however, could not adapt so quickly, and had to be augmented with a breathing device while out of water, much like Humans scuba diving. Their carbonic bones are nearly unbreakable, yet they are somewhat flimsy when great amounts of stress is put on them. Due to their advanced digestive system, the Alayans can eat almost anything; when combined with their massive stature, and their almost entirely muscle composition, puts them at the top of the food chain on Saturn, and probably anywhere else. Though, while they must suppress their initial desire to rip apart and devour anything that crosses their path, the Alayans have become more and more intelligent as time passed, becoming space-faring, building a space elevator, and putting petty inter species differences behind them.

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