Satsuki Gandhi-Komeiji
さつき がんぢー こめいじ
चंद्रमा गांधी उज्ज्वल-प्राचीन पृथ्वी

Anna of Finland

Empress of Finland
1988 – -

Predecessor Empress Himeakatateha (Orvokki Komeiji)
Born 1969
Seinäkoishi, Finland
Religion Shinto
Profession Samurai, Martial Arts, Cosplay

Empress Satsuki Gandhi-Komeiji of Finland is the current Empress of Finland and Bhārat.

She succeeded Empress Himeakatateha after her death in 1988.

Personality & Info

She is a very kind person, and somewhat a bit on the wild side and likes to have fun.

She likes Cosplay very much as well, and usually like to cosplay Youmu Konpaku, and also wearing her clothes without the white wig.

She is also a huge fan of the Itäinen Projekti series and Gran Turismo series. She also enjoys playing some video games, and is known to be very skilled at some as well. She's also a skilled Martial Artist and Samurai too.

Life as Empress

In 2000, she began to claim part of Etelämanner, under the name of Erityiset alue Suur Sätōri Prefektuuri, Suomalainen Etelämanner (Special Region of Greater Sätōri Prefecture, Finnish Antarctica). The Greater Sätōri Prefecture consists of the Antarctic Peninsula and a triangular section extending to the South Pole, is delimited by the 25° West and 74° West meridians and the 60° South parallel. In 2003 she extended the 25th meridian west to 20th meridian west for the claim.