Sassanid Empire
Timeline: Zoroastrian Muhammed
Preceded by ' Succeeded by
Parthian Empire Mongol Empire
(and largest city)
  others Aramaic
Religion Zurvanism
Ethnic Groups
  others Turks
Government Empire

The Sassanid Empire was an empire that lasted for over a millennium. It began after a defeat of the Parthians in 224. After a devastating war against the Roman Empire. After the war, raids from the Fatimid Empire led to the release of the Lakhmid Empire from Sassanid control. In addition, Jewish refugees went to Saba. Both regions were lost and acted as buffers against Fatimid control. To resist the Fatimids, Emperor Peroz III declared Zurvanism, or dualist Zoroastrianism, to be the true form of Zoroastrianism. The Sassanids regained power. However, in the Sino-Persian War, expansion into Central Asia was blocked by China. The Sassanids turned their focus inwards and on trade, only getting involved in small wars with the Athenian Empire. However, Turks, led by Temor, began to invade Persia in 1062. These Turks were repelled and diverted into Kievan Rus, where they were Christianized. Following this crisis, the Sassanids became a trading empire until the Mongol invasion in 1225, where they were absorbed into the Mongol Empire.