Sassanid Civil War





Iran, India, central Asia


Narsieh victory


Narsieh loyalists
Indo-Sassanid Empire
Roman Empire

Khusrau loyalists
Tang Dynasty


Narsieh II

Khusrau IV




Casualties and Losses



The Sassanid Civil War was fought across Persia between rival branches of the Sassanid Dynasty from AD 718 to 730.

In the year 640 Emperor Yazdegerd III was captured in battle at the Siege of Mecca and taken away to spend the rest of his days as a Roman prisoner. Although he left behind an infant son, Firuz, real authority was held by his cousin Shahryar who quickly set about eliminating Yazdegerd-loyalists before having himself enthroned as emperor. Firuz and his guardians fled into exile in India after Shahryar tried to have him assassinated, and he grew up under the protection of the Gupta court.

Firuz later founded the Indo-Sassanid Empire, while Shahryar consolidated his rule over Persia. Their sons eventually succeeded to their two realms, but the familial feud continued.

In 718 Firuz' son Narsieh invaded Persia in a two-pronged attack by land and sea...

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