Federal State of Saskatchewan
État Fédéral de Saskatchewan
Flag of Saskatchewan No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Saskatchewan
Map depicting the location of Saskatchewan within Canada in green
Anthem "The Song of Pierre Falcon"
Capital Saskatoon
Largest city Batoche
Language French (Métis), Michif, Cree
Religion Roman Catholic, mixed with traditional beliefs
Ethnic Group 92% Métis

6% Cree
2% Others

Government Parliamentary Republic
Supreme Chief Alex Maurice
Population 460,000 (2011 census) 
Independence from Canada
  declared March 19, 1885
Currency Saskatchewan dollar
The Federal State of Saskatchewan, commonly referred to as simply Saskatchewan, is a sovereign state located in the Northern Great Plains of the North America. Established as a Métis/Cree nation state during the North-West Rebellion of 1885, the new state saw massive immigration from Métis people across Canada. To this day, the country maintains a complicated relationship with both of its immediate neighbours, Canada and the United States. From its independence to the mid-20th century Canada-Saskatchewan relations were hostile, with Saskatchewan joining the central powers of World War 1 and being accused of supporting the axis powers of World War 2. During the 1950s, under the leadership of Frédéric Montlieu, Saskatchewan began seeking more open relation with Canada, and became a Cold War ally of the United States, however refused membership of NATO. During the late 1990s, relations were strained once again after the Canadian government openly accused Saskatchewan of supporting Quebec during the war in Eastern Canada. Lately, Canada-Saskatchewan relations have depended on Saskatchewan's leadership, with some leaders seeking closer ties and others seeking isolationism.

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