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Sarru-kinu of Sumeria (Celestial Ascendance)

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Sarru-kinu of Sumeria
Arms of Sumeria
Arms of Sumeria
since 2000

Style: His/Her Divine Majesty
Heir apparent: None
Succession: Elective
First monarch: Kug-Bau
Residence: Palace of Kadingira
Titles: Sarru-kinu of the Sumerian Empire
Sarru of Sumer
Sarru of Babylonia
Sarru of Assyria

 The Sarru-kinu (Sumerian: Sarru-kinu in Sumerian, "high king/great king", literally "legitimate king") or Sarratum-kinu of Sumeria is the elected absolute monarch of the Sumerian Empire.

The title of Sarru-kinu or Sarratum-kinu is comparable to the English title of Emperor, though this term is rarely used, instead the native names are used. The first Sarratum-kinu was Kug-Bau.

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