Flag of Akkad

The Flag of the Federal Kingdom of Akkad, a sovereign kingdom that rules over a majority of the Eastern Hemisphere.

In 2150 BCE, a drought in the Akkadian Empire was causing the government to collapse, as the economy was based on agriculture. As if by some miracle, the drought ended, and the oasis along the Tigris and Euphrates sprouted once more. Now, with more abundance to last the Akkadian Empire, the Akkadian Empire would continue into the modern age, defeating the enemies that would further weaken the empire originally.

In this timeline, many world-changing people and events will not influence the world. With the conquering of the entire Middle East, Judaism is suppressed and decimated, with pockets escaping to Europe. With the murdering of Jesus Christ in the Burning of Judea, Christianity will not be created. Islam will still take hold, and will become a major factor in Akkadian politics for centuries to come. However, traditional Sumerian religion will still remain the official government religion.

By 2013, Akkad is one of two political superpowers in the world, along with the Second Roman Republic.

This is Sargon of Akkad's vision of the world. This is Sargon's Dream.


Major Differences

  • The Persian Empire is not based in the south of the Persian Pleatau, but rather in Mazandaran.
  • The Persian Empire never reaches the Levant.
  • The Greek city-states, Athens, and Sparta are conquered by Akkad during their Plague infestations.
  • With Akkad standing between Macedon and the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great is unable to conquer the Persian Empire, much less Akkad.
  • Akkad conquers the Parthian Empire.

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