The Sarai Accords were a set of agreements signed between the leaders of the Tartar Empire and the Roman Empire with the goal of establishing a special relationship between the two powers as mutual allies and the two main pillars of strength in the Holy League

First Accord: On Security and Alleigance

  • The Tartary will become a free and independent member of the Holy League, working in full communion and equality with the Roman Empire and other members of the Holy League.
  • The Tartary will be allowed to carry out its diplomatic agenda as it sees fit, as befitting a sovereign state. The Roman Empire or any other Holy League Member will undertake no direct action to hinder the Tartary's diplomatic agenda provided it does not directly threaten a League member's territorial, social, or financial stability. 
  • The Roman Empire and other members of the Holy League will defend the Tartary against any direct threat, as per the requirements of the Holy League Charter. Likewise, the Tartary will help defend any other member of the Holy League. 
  • Border security between the member states will be lessened, and the members of the Holy League will help secure each other's borders.

Second Accord: On Trade and Travel

  • The Roman Empire, Georgia, the Tartary, and Vlachia will work together to establish the Black Sea as a region of trade and safety for the four nations. The four navies will work together to help establish regional security. 
  • To help expand trade, the Black Sea will be a region of lowered tariffs between the four nations. 
  • A Trans-Caucasian Railroad will be constructed with mutual construction between the Roman Empire, Georgia, and the Tartary. The main junctions will be at Trebizond, Karin, Tblisi, Saint Theodore's, and Sarai.
  • The Roman Empire and the Tartary, along with other members of the Holy League, will offer appropriate financial assistance to members in need should the need arise. 

Third Accord: Other Affairs

  • The Tartary and the Roman Empire will acknowledge each other as full friends and comrades in arms, and as their royal families are indeed family each nation will always be able to confer with each other and allow their royalty to traverse the borders freely. 
  • The Tartary and the Roman Empire, as mutual allies and members of the Holy League, will share appropriate technological knowledge with each other and other members of the Holy League.


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