The Sao Paulo Movement (also known as the Third Way and the Non-Aligned Movement) is a group of Nations, primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, who joined together in order to promote peace, economic development and humanitarian causes. As a relatively new organization, the Sao Paulo Movement is still working on establishing itself internationally.

The Movement was the idea of Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, in the later 1990s and early 2000s, who worked to distance his nation from the French sphere-of-influence known as the European Defensive Alliance, which had dominated the nation since its collapse in the Venezuelan War. Together with Australasia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, India, China and Argentina, Cardoso organized the movement, with the signing of a treaty in the city that now gives the organization its name.

While being part of either the EDA or the American/Russian dominated Juneau Pact is not a barrier to becoming part of the group, renouncing the use of war against another nation except in the case of defense is a necessity. However, with the rise of Brazil as a strong counter to the other Great Powers, some nations have indeed resigned their membership of the EDA (but no nation has joined to the Sao Paulo Movement and resigned from the Juneau Pact).

Flag Name Year Joined Notes
Flag of Argentina Argentina 2004 (Founding Member) left EDA in 2006
Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games Australasia 2004 (Founding Member) Juneau Pact member
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Balkan Confederacy 2010 Juneau Pact Member
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Brazil 2004 (Founding Member) left EDA in 2003
Flag of the People's Republic of China China 2004 (Founding Member)
Flag of Chile Chile 2011 Juneau Pact Member
Flag of Colombia Colombia 2005 Juneau Pact Member
Flag of Ghana Ghana 2004 (Founding Member)
1931 Flag of India India 2004 (Founding Member)
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria 2004 (Founding Member)
Palestine flag ftbw Palestine 2005 Juneau Pact Member
Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivian Confederation 2008 Juneau Pact Member
Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 South Africa 2004 (Founding Member)