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Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Pharaoh Sanura

Pharaoh of Egypt
1998 – 2009

Predecessor: Ankhosis
Successor: Ramesses XII

High Priestess of Amun
1998 – 2009

Predecessor: Ankhosis
Successor: Ramesses XII
Born: 4 October 1992 (aged 24)
Pharaonic Palace, Waset, Egypt
Full name: Khnumt-Amun Sanura Maatkare Sitre
Spouse: Teremun
Dynasty: Ramessid Dynasty
Father: Ankhosis
Mother: Jendayi
Issue: Kiya
Religion: Kemetism
 Princess Sanura is an Egyptian princess and the former Pharaoh of Egypt. She passed the throne to her older brother in 2009 to focus on international projects in the world. She is the twin sister of the current Pharaoh, Senkhara.
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:
Ramesses XII

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