Republic of Santa Cruz
Republica del Santa Cruz ex Bolivia
— Nation of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Santa Cruz, Tarija, and Eastern Chuquisaca
Flag of Santa Cruz (Night of the Living Atlernate History)
Flag of Republic of Santa Cruz
(and largest city)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Other cities Tarija, Monterro
Language Spanish, Guarani, English
Religion Catholicism
Population 4,970,662 (1995 Census) 
Established 1983
Admission 1983
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -4
Abbreviations SC
 Santa Cruz becomes the sixth nation to become a member of the United Republics. They joined under the Treaty of Cordoba 1983. They officially joined on December 24th, 1983. Deciding factors were cultural - similar to Paraguay, pro-UR disposition due to development and protection given to Santa Cruz by the UR military forces as well as liberating the region from Infection. Santa Cruz holds the world's largest natural gas reserve, as well as a large iron reserve. The main economic focus of Santa Cruz is agriculture, solar panel farms, and mining. The UR currently does not use the Santa Cruz natural gas reserve, but holds the rights to use it in case of emergency as under the Rights of Mother Earth Act. Santa Cruz de la Sierra holds a large military base. Around Santa Cruz are many defenses remaining and upgraded from the South American Communist Conflicts.